My Service:
I create birthday cakes, at no charge, for needy children/teens in San Diego.

My Story:
Not long ago, I read about an organization that bakes cakes for needy children. I loved the idea of such a service, and after some extensive research, I was surprised to discover that no such organization exists in San Diego. I thought ‘Why not bring this type of service to San Diego? After all, every child deserves that individual recognition on such a special day and what better way for me to give back to the community when I love baking?”

I especially love baking cakes and creating fun and imaginative decorating themes and designs for the cake. My two sons, ages 6 and 7, enjoy being a part of the collaborative, creative process (and devouring what remains from the utensils, bowls… need I say more?) and my husband delights in tasting our creations!

After working as a speech pathologist in the Sweetwater Union School district, I decided to try my hand at baking cakes. I received my Food Handler’s Certificate from the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health and I have worked in various bed and breakfasts creating pastries and desserts alongside professional chefs.

Although my cakes may not be as elaborate as those you may see in bakery windows, they are created with love and care and are delicious!

How Can You Help?:

Ask your neighbors, friends and coworkers if they know of any family or child that may benefit from this free service.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Like many kitchens, Molly Boarman's functions as the center of family life where happy and delicious memories are born. But her kitchen is magical, producing labors of love that not only warm the hearts of those who live there but extend beyond Scripps Ranch to make others feel special.
Molly's kitchen is home to vampires, superheroes, sports figures, lots of princesses, and animals. They appear as decorations on cakes she lovingly makes for foster children and other kids in need. It's a family affair: 7-year-old Charlie reads recipes out loud, and 8-year-old Tommy serves as a consultant on themes and characters. Dad John joins the team as a taster and helps with deliveries.
The Boarmans, looking for a family-oriented community and a place where they could meet other families like themselves, moved to Scripps Ranch in 2009. It was a perfect fit! Molly would be able to walk her children to school, and they would finally have a big yard in which to play.
Molly had worked as a speech pathologist in the Sweetwater Union School District for 18 years before embarking on her new "career." Wanting to give something back to the community, she got a Handler's Certificate from the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health and subsequently worked on pastries and desserts alongside professional chefs.
She had heard about an organization that baked cakes for needy children but found there was nothing like that in San Diego. When she broached the concept locally, social agencies and case managers provided the names of those who would appreciate the special attention.
Molly started out at two to three cakes a month but is now up to 10 to 12. So far, she has covered the costs, keeping them reasonable by buying in bulk and on sale. She delivers cakes in cake domes or cake boxes--perhaps slightly damaged--she coaxes out of local grocery stores. Since the cakes are given as a donation, Molly has the freedom to be adventurous, entering the world of fondant, an icing-like substance that can be molded to create almost anything on a cake.
The most popular flavors are chocolate, marble, yellow, cheesecake, and carrot. She prides herself on making everything edible, including the decorations. The Boarman family taste-tested four carrot cakes from different recipes before voting on the one Molly will use in the future.
She also wants them to be personal. Requests come through social workers at community partners of the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency such as South Bay Community Services, San Diego Youth Services, or the Center for Positive Changes. Each child picks out the theme or character he or she wants. Molly never meets the recipients, though she has received nice notes and pictures from them.
She never turns down a request, even when she's out of town on vacation. For those occasions she calls in a favor from a friend. Flowers, caterpillars, Alice in Wonderland, and boxing gloves are second nature to her now, but sometimes she is stymied by a request, like the one asking for "black vanilla frosting." And sometimes there is an "emergency cake," one ordered on short notice. She can usually meet every challenge.
She can't accept monetary donations, but she is able to take gift cards for grocery stores and craft shops. Admiring friends help by collecting discount coupons and letting her know when there's a sale on items such as eggs or cake mixes.
Molly makes sure her children understand the true meaning of the cake venture, explaining that not all children enjoy the things Scripps Ranch children do. She has taken Charlie and Tommy down to a homeless shelter to show what life is like for less fortunate children. Of course, guarding their privacy, no one was at the shelter when they went to visit.
Molly's family loves living in Scripps Ranch. "We couldn't be happier," she exclaims. Dingeman Elementary School is glad to have her too. She's on the school's Baking Committee.
If you would like to find out more about Molly and her special "project," please visit her blog at [] or you can contact her at [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ].
Elinor Reiss

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I received this card yesterday! My favorite one of the holiday season!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


1. The Transitional Housing and Trolley Trestle programs of South Bay Community Services have been receiving amazing birthday cake creations from Molly since June 2011. Our program provides supportive housing to homeless and former foster youth, ages 18-24. In addition to housing, our services include employment and education support, career guidance, independent living skills, therapy, and crisis management. Many of our youth do not have family and friends with whom to celebrate their birthdays or special events. The simple gift of a beautiful cake individualized with their names, favorite flavor, and a special theme has truly been meaningful. The residents in our program now start to look forward to their birthdays just because they know they will get a special cake! Molly’s creative cakes send the message that someone truly cares about them as a unique individual. Just today we received a cake adorned with a three-dimensional D.J. with headphones, complete with an individualized tag, for one of our residents who is into music. It gave a reason for all of the staff to get up from our desks and gather around to sing him, “Happy Birthday”, which is something we didn’t do before Molly started making cakes for us. Thank you, Molly, for helping us make our residents’ birthdays so special!

2. Michelle, Project Manager from San Diego Youth Services:
"On Monday we had the pleasure of dropping off a birthday cake to a youth staying in a shelter. He does not have family near and has never had a birthday cake. He stated, with eyes filled with tears, "You have no idea how much this means to me." Thank you Molly and sons for making this special young man's birthday a truly remarkable day."

3. Amber from Spring Valley, CA: "The Center for Positive Changes has been using Molly for our clients birthday cakes. Our clients have loved her cakes and have been very appreciative of her time and energy in making their birthdays special. Molly has really spent time on personalizing each kids cake and making it special for them. The cakes are delicious and the boys love the taste."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

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